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Mileage Claim Calculator for The UK
19 March 2024 - 2 min read

Mileage Claim Calculator - Work Out Your Mileage

In this post, you can find our HMRC mileage claim calculator which calculates your mileage allowance using the mileage rate for 2023 and 2024 provided by HMRC. The mileage claim calculator can be used to get a general overview of your mileage reimbursement for the year.

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Current HMRC mileage claim rates

The standard mileage rate is designed to make record-keeping easier, reduce administrative burdens, and lower costs for both businesses and HMRC. The rates cover the cost of owning and operating your vehicle, including depreciation, insurance, and road tax.

The mileage rates from 2011 to present day are:

  • 45p per mile for the first 10,000 miles for cars and vans
  • 25p per mile after that for cars and vans
  • 24p per mile for motorcycles
  • 20p per mile for cycles

Use the mileage allowance calculator below to estimate your mileage claim.

This mileage claim calculator for the UK provides a brief overview - your situation may be different and you may need to consider more things before working out your mileage allowance.

Read our guide on HMRC mileage rates and mileage claim to find out how to get mileage allowance, mileage allowance relief and how to keep a vehicle logbook.

Keep in mind that simply estimating your mileage is not enough for you to receive the reimbursement or HMRC deduction. To do so, you need to provide proof of your business trips in the form of a HMRC-compliant mileage log.


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Can I receive mileage allowance?

You can claim the mileage relief only when you use your personal vehicle for business purposes. To make sure you claim the right amount, you need to understand what HMRC classifies as business trips.

A trip is classified as a business trip when you need to drive to a different place than your usual work in order to conduct business. Furthermore, you are entitled to mileage allowance relief if you have a temporary workplace (where you are working for less than 24 months). If you have multiple temporary working places, you can get mileage relief for them as well. When it comes to your permanent workplace, HMRC defines it as somewhere where you spend at least 40% of your working hours and it is not possible to claim relief when commuting to the permanent workplace from home and back.

Read here to find out more about what HMRC defines as business travel.

How to calculate mileage allowance payments from your employer

You can use the mileage allowance calculator in this article to work out your mileage allowance payments if your employer reimburses you at the official HMRC rates. Note that if your employer uses a different allowance rate, you will have to calculate your allowance manually.

How to calculate mileage allowance relief you can claim from HMRC

As an employed or self-employed individual who claims mileage allowance relief from HMRC, you can use the calculator above to work out the amount you can claim for the year. The calculator we’ve provided uses the standard HMRC rates at which you claim mileage on your tax return.

You also need to keep records

While using this HMRC mileage claim calculator will tell you the amount you can claim for your mileage, you need to be able to prove you’ve driven business mileage in order to submit a claim.

According to HMRC’s rules, your records should include:

  • The date and purpose of each business-related trip
  • The distance travelled for each journey, and
  • The start and end addresses of each of your business-related trips

The Driversnote mileage tracking app is a great way to keep mileage records as it logs all of your trips automatically as you drive. You can generate compliant reports that you just send over to your employer or accountant and you are good to go! The app can serve as your HMRC mileage claim calculator doing all the work for you and you will no longer have to spend time calculating your reimbursement.

How to use this mileage claim calculator

Use the provided HMRC mileage claim calculator to determine how much you can receive in reimbursement for your business driving. To calculate this, you will need the number of miles you have driven for business purposes and then multiply it by HMRC's standard rates.

How to automate your mileage logbook

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