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26 September 2023 - 2 min read

What is a car log book?

A UK car log book, also known as V5C, is a document issued by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). The document contains details about a car and is issued to the registered keeper of that vehicle. A UK car log book contains all the specific information about the car and the keeper.

What does the car log book contain?

The car log book serves as a summary of the vehicle’s information such as make, model, chassis number, colour etc. It also keeps a record of the registration history and tax peyments of the vehicle.

It is very important to update the DVLA of any relevant personal or car-related changes, such as your address changing, or repainting your car in another colour. Any other car-related modifications must be updated too.

Note that the UK car log book is not proof of vehicle ownership. It only shows who is responsible for registering and taxing the vehicle.


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How to get a UK car log book

If you are buying a new car, normally the dealer will register the vehicle for you with the DVLA. In case the dealer does not, you can register and get the log book online.

If purchasing a used vehicle, the seller will be able to register the vehicle on your name online or by post.

In case you have lost or damaged your UK car log book, or it has been stolen, you can get a new car log book online.

If you need to change personal details, such as an address change or name change, or you need to declare any modifications you have made to the vehicle, you will need to apply by post.

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A car log book is a UK Registration Certificate of a vehicle. It is red and blue in an A4 format. The car log book contains the details of your vehicle, as well as the car’s current owner, previous sales, exports, transfers and scrapping.
You won’t be able to tax your car without the V5C unless you have a V11 reminder letter by the DVLA reminding you you have outstanding tax to pay. If you don’t have one of these documents, you will need to apply for a car log book through the V62 form. Note that there is a £25 fee when applying for the car log book.
If you lost your V5C logbook, or it was stolen, damaged or destroyed, you will be able to order a new one online, so long as you don’t need to change any information in it. In case you need to change any information in your car log book, you will need to apply for a new car log book through the post. A new V5C car log book costs £25.

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