Open position:
Head of Content & SEO

The business

Driversnote is a product-centric and profitable SaaS company located in the heart of Copenhagen's tech scene. We proudly help over 2.5 million users across more than 50 countries keep their mileage logbooks. No one enjoys the hassle of mileage documentation. So our goal is to automate and simplify this tedious task, making our customer’s work-life easier while saving them both time and money.

We’re a small, very product-oriented team: 13 in product, 8 in marketing and 10 in operations & support (notice: no one in sales).

At Driversnote, you will enjoy the benefits of working at a company that has a clear product-market fit and is fully owned and operated by the founder team. We're profitable and have quadrupled our ARR over the last three years. Our scale will allow you to operate in a truly data-driven fashion, and our independence ensures that we always align our decisions with the best interests of our customers and employees.

The product

To the majority of our users, Driversnote is first and foremost a free mobile app they find via an app store and install to get automated mileage tracking. They will often start out with motion-based tracking, become aware of free user limitations and eventually become a paying customer and get an iBeacon for improved trip tracking.

Though our product is oriented towards small businesses, we have a B2C-like relationship with many of our users, but we are gradually moving more and more into traditional B2B space with all that this entails of further product enhancements.

The opportunity

You’ll be joining a marketing team (8 full-time) that’s primarily focused on search marketing, 3 of whom work with content production and SEO. Our success so far has, to a large extent, been based on our ability to rank in the app stores and by advertising (to a large extent search ads). Throughout the last year and a half we have put more effort in SEO with very positive results. We have a good technical foundation, have put content production processes in place, and have started scaling a content team using in-house editors and native-to-each-country freelance writers. We’re now looking for someone to take charge, help us scale further, help the team members grow, and fine-tune our processes while keeping an eye on results.

We see SEO as one of a few important growth opportunities for Driversnote over the next years. Our expectations are high, but we don’t expect you to do it alone: You’ll work closely with some very experienced colleagues, including our previous Head of Content & SEO who has 15 years of SEO experience, our CEO who also knows SEO, and a team that pays close attention to what’s going on in the industry.

Our SEO efforts are mostly focused on the English-speaking markets, but we also run 9 localized domains which we’ll eventually want to focus on too - and we might want to launch more markets and websites as well as find ways to get more frequent mentions by LLMs. So there’s plenty to do!

The role

You will own the area of organic search in Driversnote. Your goal will be to drive user signups through SEO which should lead to sold subscriptions. In the first year, your focus will be on the English-speaking markets, figuring out what content works, improving our websites, and making sure we get initiatives going for all of the below.

As our new Head of Content & SEO your overall responsibility will be:

  • Content production: A large share of our traffic already comes from the content we write to potential users, a lot of whom are self-employed (which gives us a wide array of topics to work on). You will work with the team to make sure we don’t run out of ideas, and you will most likely also act as editor in one or two markets. Expect this to be roughly half of your job.
  • Content distribution: Today, our readers mainly find our content via search in a completely standard way (they search, we show up in results), and mainly for research they’re doing that’s related to their business. But there’s a lot more work to do, which you will head up:
    • We need to improve our visibility for low-funnel searches, and we need a plan for that.
    • Another big opportunity is barnacle SEO, mentions on larger sites, and inclusion in reviews and the like; we’re curious to see which kinds of results this can drive, and we have a budget set aside for it.
    • We currently don’t do outreach of any kind (not even for link building). We would like to get something started, and once again we first need a plan for this.
    • We’d like even more ideas for content tactics and distribution, and we hope that you can help with those too.
  • Technical SEO and website improvements: We have a decent technical foundation, but we can certainly improve both technically and user experience-wise. You will head up running site diagnostics and maintaining a prioritized pipeline of initiatives that help us improve over time. You will of course be supported by our web developers and designers when it comes to implementation.

As an overall thing, we value repeatable processes that result in a steady flow of users, and you will head up making sure those processes are put in place (not necessarily designing everything yourself).

Finally, organic search is bound to change in the coming years. We need you to help us prepare for a possible shift of search volume towards LLMs (gen AI). It will help a lot if you’re curious about new technology and either already know or will educate yourself on how LLMs are trained.

You must:

  • Have at least 4 years of experience with SEO in a content marketing context.
  • Have led or participated in a content motion with good results. From continuous content idea generation to content writing and/or outsourcing and following up on results from that content.
  • Be highly analytical, structured and committed to a data-driven approach to your team’s work.
  • Be used to working with and analyzing data, both keyword and conversion data.
  • Be fluent in English and have excellent communication & writing skills. The bulk of our work is written so it’s essential that you have the ability to write clearly and effectively.
  • Know your way around the standard SEO tech stack: Web analytics (we use GA4), Google Search Console, and rank tracking and keyword research tools.

It would be nice if:

  • You have built and managed a network of content writers in the past.
  • You have experience managing projects, at least on a small scale.
  • You have experience with data visualization tools like Looker/Datastudio (and perhaps even SQL and BigQuery).
  • You have worked with localizing & translating content.
  • You have previously worked in SaaS and are familiar with key metrics like MRR, CAC, CLV, churn, etc.

This job is not for you if:

  • You haven’t worked on content production as part of SEO.
  • You only know the content writing part of SEO.

What we believe in

Vision & mission: We work to eliminate work-life hassles to let people focus on what matters. Today, that means removing the pain and trivial work of handling mileage, while providing peace of mind that nothing is forgotten and all rules are followed.

Product-led: We focus our work on the end-user and optimise for bottom-up adoption. People's use of our product is what leads to our growth. We sell through our product and as self-service. We invest in customer success instead of outbound sales. Our marketing is focused on people with a need, leading them to the product.

Lean & data-driven: We try to get a deep understanding of the problems we’re solving. But we also acknowledge that we often can’t predict the outcome of our work. So we believe in an experiment-based approach to product development with short build-measure-learn cycles. For this reason, we also don’t believe in detailed plans for more than 3 months ahead.

Long-term & compounding: We invest in things that will have a continuous return and compound. We e.g. prefer a 1% improvement of activation rate over a €100k deal. We’re self-funded, so we don’t stress about the next funding round, and take the time to go into depth with our work.

What we offer

At Driversnote you will be part of an international team composed of talented people that are fun to be around. You will have ample opportunity to influence decisions at all levels, and we hope we can both teach you something and learn something new from you. You’ll get to work with and learn from a team of highly experienced entrepreneurs and tech people. We set aside resources for independent skill development to help you grow and develop your career.

We work in a relaxed environment with new offices near The Meatpacking District. We get a tasty, freshly cooked lunch every day (vegetarian option available), great coffee, cozy Friday drinks, and have great events; from our running club and gaming nights, to our epic Christmas and summer parties.

Since many of us have spouses and kids that we enjoy spending time with, we can honestly say that we offer a healthy work-life balance along with a competitive salary and all the benefits you would expect.

Check out our LinkedIn for pictures and see the team events we host.

How to apply

Email us at with the subject “Head of Content & SEO”. Tell us briefly why you’re the one for us and send us your LinkedIn profile or your CV.

We accept applications until August 5. After this, we expect to take a couple of days to review all applications and get back to you no later than August 12. Expect case work during the interview process. The case will be representative of the kind of work you’ll do with us.

We look forward to hearing from you!